Vidette Lake Nature Retreat – Off the Grid

Spiritual Connections

On the Vidette Lake property there exists an energy vortex leylines the earth’s Shakra. In 1980 an apprentice monk in search of the centre of the universe arrived at Vidette Lake. Tibetan monks believe that the Centre of the Universe is located on earth and using a series of tests it can be verified, which is exactly what this monk did. Many healers and spiritual people who arrive at the site claim to feel a connection to the land.

Vidette Lake Nature Retreat Rental

Vidette Lake is perfect for groups wishing to experience and utilize the unique energy available at this site and its spectacular natural beauty. There is an abundance of birds and flora, and many hiking trails and nature walks are available.

Book the resort for your next retreat! Previous successful retreats have included meditation, healing, teaching, martial arts, yoga and reiki. Any other spiritual practices are also welcome. As the retreat organizer, you book the resort and organize the activities, supply the food & beverages and set the per person fee that you wish to charge for your retreat. Cooking facilities and equipment are included. Arrangements for meals can be provided for an additional fee, please contact us for details.

  • 2017 Rates for Retreat Rental (up to 28 beds, 7 cabins)
  • 2 nights minimum starting at $60 per night for 2 people.
  • Please refer to the Accommodations page for detailed information on each cabin.
  • For other options please contact us.

Retreat rental includes guided intro to the vortex of the Centre of the Universe, some conditions apply: no smoking, no alcohol at the vortex. A guided tour to the waterfalls can be arranged as well as a guided nature walk, use of paddle boats, canoes and row boats.

The 28 beds are spread among seven cabins. Some of the cabins have have rooms with one bed, others with two or three. Recommended groups of up to 20 with 8 additional beds for facilitators. All linens provided for all cabins with full retreat rental.

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