Upcoming Events


September 22, 2019

Fall Equinox

Honor the change of season at the Centre of the Universe, the Place of Life!

The Equinox is September 23 at 12:50am this year, so we will celebrate the day before.

Please join us in Ceremony on Sunday, September 22, 2019 at noon. Convene at the Lodge at 11am so we can head up to the Centre for a noon start. If you wish to add to the ceremony, please do, just give us a call to let us know what you plan for coordination purposes. 

Potluck to follow. 


Silent Retreat – Bearing Witness to Life

October 4-6, 2019

We are excited to bring Karen Hayes, a wonderful and experienced teacher to Vidette Lake Nature Retreat for an exploration of mindfulness practice. Follow the link above for more information. 


I love Karen Hayes’ silent meditation and mindfulness retreats! 

The preparation and work she puts into holding space with such presence and love is truly remarkable.  And her poetic use of language opens my heart and enables me to work with my busy mind with care and humor. 

On a recent retreat she led, I was working with some aversion to the weather and lack of sleep – and was not sure I would be able to make it through the remainder of retreat.  During our one-to-one meeting time, Karen normalized what was going on for me and through her guidance, intuition and kindness, I found myself smiling throughout the rest of my time there.  And after it ended was so present and open.  It has definitely enhanced both my formal and informal practice.  

We are very fortunate to have Karen Hayes in our community. Her approach to mindfulness is so accessible.  She is a gifted teacher, and provides a solid foundation and many useful tools for practitioners of all levels. – Katie Medlar, Program Director, Calmer Choice, Cape Cod, Ma 

Thank you, thank you, Karen, for a wonderful and calming experience at retreat. A few months ago I found I was in need of a personal getaway to recharge my batteries, and this was perfect answer. The silence and woodsy setting was the right combination for reflection & renewal.

I find the calm is lasting into the week after retreat.  And look forward to the next gathering.  -Joan Carleton, Retired High School Teacher, Dennis, Ma

I wanted to share my testimonial regarding my experience with Karen’s retreat. I am an instructor of Calmer Choice, an organization that teaches mindful awareness to children.

I’ve had the opportunity to participate in two retreats lead by Karen Ann. Both have had a great impact on my career as a mindfulness teacher. The presence she teaches with and the love she pours out are a constant during the retreat. It guides you to connect with the silence. I had perhaps one of the deepest meditations of my life in one of her retreats. Liliana Bejarano-Cryer, Mindfulness Teacher

Past special events:

In June, 2018, we were blessed to host the convergence of two very special groups who work tirelessly on behalf of this planet and all who live here.

They came together deliberately to be on this Sacred Land – The Place of Life, Centre of the Universe – to influence the healing of earth and water.

We look forward to seeing you at the Centre of the Universe soon!

If you would like to host your own event at Vidette Lake Nature Retreat, please contact us – 778.765.5407