Buddhist Visit & Wild Salmon Caravan Ceremony

In June 2018, we were blessed to host the convergence of two very special groups who work tirelessly on behalf of this planet and all who live here.

They came together deliberately to be on this Sacred Land – The Place of Life, Centre of the Universe – to influence the healing of earth and water.

The Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Buddhists


 The Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Buddhists place sacred stone tablets in sacred sites throughout the world inscribed with the Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutras.

These Sacred Tablets are placed with the intention to:

  1. Purify and cleanse bad karma.
  2. Benefit all sentient beings – especially lost souls and animals, as well as to lengthen life and help resolve illness.
  3. Stabilize the Earth, eliminate natural and manmade disasters and prevent calamities (war, earthquakes, typhoons, etc.).
  4. Benefit humanity – spread love globally and pray for World Peace.

If you’d like to learn more about Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Buddhists, please visit these links:



Wild Salmon Caravan

British Columbia

For thousands of years, wild salmon have been British Columbia’s ecological keystone species. Wild Salmon feed the entire Pacific Temperate Rainforest as well as many species including bears, wolves, eagles, our families and communities. And are an indicator of the health and integrity of the Indigenous land and food system on which the entire agri-food system is based.

 At present Wild Salmon is being decimated due to industry and off-shore fishing resulting in a cultural and ecological crisis. Wild Salmon Caravan exists to promote a return to balance for the survival and capacity to thrive for these sacred creatures essential to our cultural heritage and ecological stability. 

Please visit the Wild Salmon Caravan Face Book page to learn more about their Caravan schedule:


Together: The Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Buddhists

& The Wild Salmon Caravan, June 2018

 Here in June, The Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Buddhists placed one Sacred Tablet at each of the Medicine Wheel’s four directions. The group chanted the powerful sutra, sending prayer into the dynamic energy of the vortex at the Place of Life, Centre of the Universe.

 Alongside them, Native female Elders from the Shuswap Nation called in the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, offering prayers and songs to the waters and the Wild Salmon. They were joined by Sequoyah Trueblood, esteemed Elder of the Choctaw Nation who also drummed and sang some prayers.

A fifth Sacred tablet was placed in Vidette Lake accompanied by chanting of the sutras and prayers and songs as they blessed the waters for the Wild Salmon and for the earth they inhabit.

 Enjoy the pictures of this amazing celebration!

Translation of the Sacred Stones


World Map of Stone Placement