Latest Testimonial

It was fantastic coming back home from South Korea this summer and enjoying this incredible place. Thanks Ray for being a great host! I look forward to coming back again soon!


It’s really nice & powerful, I feel so relax & happy. It’s more than beautiful.

Karen – Mexico

Don’t dream your life, live your dreams! It is really amazing here, so peaceful, so grounded, energized in nature. I am glad that I got guided to this place and I am excited to see how my way in life is taking me. I follow the signs and have faith.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Lydia from Germany.

The Centre of the Universe is one of the best places of my life!

Makaya- a 10 year old girl

Thank you for the experience. A healing place, my soul feels full.


Great tour and very enlightening for a group from Regina. Thank you and will be happy to come back.

Justin – Saskatchewan

We don’t want to leave! You have such a great heart, to open up your home to be the weary people who are exhausted from trying to keep up in the outside world. Many blessings to you + this beautiful space here. Our prayers + love will be with you. Hopefully we will continue to work in this beautiful light together as we go out into our separate but connected worlds. Love the feeling we’ve experienced here. Take care till we meet again. Good to see another on the good path in life. Many thanks.

Vanessa + Gus – Vernon, BC

I’ve always believed that the wind in my hair was a hug and a whisper from my ancestors and loved ones lost, on the mountain in the Centre of the Universe, I could almost hear them speak and the words are always the same: “what shall be, shall be – and not a moment sooner” Thank you for allowing us to hear the wind.

Brandi – Vancouver, BC

Back for a 2nd year!

Rustic, quiet and beautiful – worth the drive up a very good gravel road. The cabin was clean, well equipped and had a fridge, stove, wood burning heater, running water and shower.
We stayed right near the water close to a dock so the kids could canoe and paddle boat (rent per day).
There is a communal fire pit but many nights we stayed on our large deck and just took in the lake view. There are many special treasures going to this great place.


The real thing. Canada away from the beaten track.

This is a hidden gem by the end of Vidette Lake. We stayed at the “Hudson” Cabin, and what a fantastic thing to wake up in the morning by the lake, three beavers and birds of prey, giving you the entertainment while eating bacon from the BBQ outside. The places was clean and the beds were comfy. The host (very friendly) gave us stories about the area and even took us on free trips to see the local nature sights; Fantastic!
It will take you about an hour on the Deadman Valley Road to get there, and keep your eyes open for the local wildlife on your way up. We even saw an eagle on our way down.


Great place to relax

Through a friend of mine we ended up here, what an amazing peaceful place. No electricity, so a perfect place to wind down from everyday busy life. Very friendly host, Ray, he showed us the center of the universe. We stayed there for three nights, wished i had planned a few extra days there. I will go back there someday, that’s for sure!


Wonderful place, giving peace and calmness. The woods, the beaver, birds and flowers!! The cabin Hudson was just a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing with us all your knowledge.

Ingrid Knutsdotter Helsdad
Meryam Bachisse, Knut Sandvold Helstad
and the little son Erik from Norway and Denmark

Every human voice is a note in the symphony of the universe, here is the place to sing out loudly. This beautiful vortex will deliver a code to your human suite. This code will facilitate a shift in your energy field. This shift will lift your human energy and the connection with truth will be apparent. In this land remember who you are, remember your truth, feel it in your heart – this land will assist. Be present, remember your joy then be in gratitude. Your Energy Being inside is happy you are here. Great thanks for BEING here.

Much Love
Shelly “Samoiya” Yates


Halifax – Nova Scotia